2022 Programme

All lectures are sponsored by Blevins Franks

at 11:00 am
The Mystery of Johannes Vermeer; Master of Light, Colour and Harmony
By: Jane E Choy-Thurlow
The poetry of Vermeer’s paintings is immediate and recognizable, yet almost impossible to describe and explain. What is it that holds the viewer before a beautiful young girl in an exotic turban, a woman replying to a letter, or a couple at an intimate music lesson?
It is not the narrative, for there is hardly any, but something more universal. In Vermeer’s hands, the stillness of a quiet street, a woman’s concentration on lacemaking, or the soft light that gently illuminates a scholar in his study become at once heightened and familiar; reminding us of fleeting moments in our own lives. Through his sensitivity to light, colour and composition, Vermeer transforms such ordinary subjects into expressions of perfect balance and harmony.
at 11:00 am
Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera: The Golden Age of Mexican Painting
By: Chloe Sayer
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera have iconic status in Mexico.
Rivera's intricate visual narratives, rich with allegory and symbolism, adorn the walls of public buildings.
Inspired by Aztec and Maya imagery, and by early Italian fresco painting, his vast murals combine social criticism with faith in human progress.
Kahlo, Mexico’s most original painter, made herself the principal theme of her art.
at 11:00 am
Climbing Great Buildings
By: Jonathan Foyle
In 2010, a BBC series Climbing Great Buildings featured 15 of Britain's greatest landmarks over the last 1,000 years.
It was presented by the speaker, who reviews the selection and shares the secrets found in carved and structural details that are often invisible from ground level, but which tell a fuller story of some of the greatest achievements in our historic cities.
at 11:00 am
Zaha Hadid: Architecture Superstar
By: Colin Davies
Dame Zaha Hadid died on March 31, 2016 at age of 65. Architectural historians of the future will recognise her as one of the most important architects of the early 21st century.
She was born in Iraq and her reputation was global, but she made Britain her home.
This lecture tells the story of her illustrious career.