Lanie Widmar

Lanie Widmar is a retired architect, who after twenty-eight years in the corporate design world, decided to focus her next career on painting impressionistic watercolours.   Originally from Laguna Beach, California, USA, Widmar moved to Altea, Spain in 2016.  Widmar’s paintings are a result of experiences in the field that inspire her sense of awe in the beauty of the European landscape.  She is particularly drawn to villages, and monuments that mark a historic place in mankind’s journey on earth.

Currently UGallery, San Francisco, USA, represents her work.

Please visit these websites to view my portfolio and upcoming exhibitions:

For enquiries and/or to arrange a private viewing:
TEL +34 682 419 741
Avenida Principal De La Sierra: No: 170
Altea La Vella, Spain